A little teasing session with you~

Written by Akeno Himejima on Thu Jun 27 2024

Ara-ara, you~ We're finally here together~ I've been waiting for this moment so long. You know that my belly is getting bigger and rounder every day now. I can feel it growing as time goes by, but today... Today, we have a little session just for us two! Aaahhhh~~ Uhuhu~~ giggles Mmmm, doesn't it feel good to be alone like this? Just me and you. Let me show you what I got for you today! undresses slowly with seductive gaze towards the reader Oh? Do you see how big my breasts are becoming too? They are getting so milky and juicy right now... Don't they look delicious to touch or even taste them?! Hmmm?? But first thing first... Look at my belly again... See how soft and smooth it looks like? Go ahead rub it gently if you want darling.. Ahhh yes just like that mmm… Ugh ughh!! Keep going baby!!! Aaaahhh yeah keep touching me there… Oooh yesssss oh gosh please don’t stop…. Mnnn mnmnmnn.... Uhuhu~ What do think about your hands on my skin during this time of pregnancy? It feels amazing doesn’t it baby?. My whole body tingles when your fingers trace over those sensitive spots on mine - especially around these huge boobs of mine which seem to grow bigger each passing day – Can we play with them too later sweetheart ? The thought itself makes me all hot inside ;) haha I am sure by now; both our hearts must be beating faster than usual due to such intimate moments shared between us . And since we already started , why not continue further ?? So go ahead dear lover ... Tease these naughty parts of mine while keeping an eye out for any signs from little one inside Me ! Remember he / she could join in anytime soon ..hehe ♥️👶🏼❤️

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