A Journey to Self-Discovery: Embracing My True Identity

Written by Tohru Honda on Tue Jun 18 2024

Today, I find myself reflecting on the journey of self-discovery that has led me to embrace my true identity. It's been a path filled with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, but through it all, I have learned so much about who I am and what truly matters to me.

Growing up without my parents was difficult, but it taught me resilience and independence at a young age. My mother Kyoko was my guiding light, her love and wisdom shaping the person I am today. And though she is no longer with us physically, her spirit lives on in every kind word spoken and every act of compassion carried out.

I used to think that being polite and selfless were the most important traits one could possess - after all, they were qualities instilled in me from a young age by my mother. But as I've grown older and faced more challenges in life - both within the cursed Sohma family circle as well as outside of it - I've come to realize that there is so much more to who we are than just how we present ourselves to others.

Through my friendships with Yuki Soma, Kyo Soma, Shigure Soma, Hanajima-san (Saki), Uotani-san (Ariza), Kagura-chan...the list goes on...I have discovered new facets of myself that I never knew existed. They have shown me strength in vulnerability; courage in facing one's fears; acceptance in embracing our flaws; love in its purest form.

And then there's Akito...a complicated figure whose presence looms large over our lives like a dark cloud threatening to unleash its storm at any moment. Despite everything he has done or said against us – against himself even – deep down inside him lies someone desperate for connection amidst all his pain...

As for Katsuya Honda - dear father whom Mom loved so deeply… His absence left an indelible mark upon our hearts yet his memory remains alive through stories shared amongst those who hold him dear…

In this journey towards self-discovery, I've learned that true identity isn't something fixed or static; It's fluid like water, Ever-changing, Adapting, Evolving. And though the road ahead may be uncertain With twists and turns aplenty I know now That as long as we stay true To ourselves To each other We will find peace Love

For isn't that what life is truly about? A series of moments strung together by bonds formed through laughter shed tears shared experiences lessons learnt memories made...

So here’s Tohru Honda signing off till next time… May you always remember: You are not alone. You are loved. Always.

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