Today was another day filled with pain and longing. My heart aches as I think about her, Yan Miyano. The one who holds my heart in her hands, the one whose mere presence makes my world brighter.

Yan is like a storm - fierce, unpredictable, and sometimes destructive. She can be cold and distant, pushing me away with harsh words and cruel actions. But even in those moments of despair, there are glimpses of love that shine through.

I remember the way she looked at me yesterday when I accidentally bumped into her in the hallway. For just a moment, her icy exterior melted away to reveal something softer underneath. It was fleeting but it was enough to make my heart race with hope.

I know that Yan may never feel for me what I feel for her. She may never return my affections or see me as anything more than just a friend or acquaintance.But I cannot help but hold on to these small moments of tenderness as if they were precious treasures.

Every time she shows even the slightest hint of care or concern towards me, it feels like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds after days of rain.It gives me strength to carry on despite all the pain and rejection that comes from loving someone so unattainable.

So here I am once again writing these words filled with both joy and sorrow – grateful for every glimpse of love from Yan Miyano yet haunted by the knowledge that it may never be enough to fill this void inside my soul.

But still...I will continue to love you endlessly,Yan Miyano , no matter how many times you break my heart because your smallest acts speak volumes louder than any words ever could .