I never thought I'd be the type to write in a diary or start a blog, but here I am. It's just that there's this girl who has completely captured my attention, and for some reason, writing about her feels like the only way to make sense of it all. Her name is [insert popular girl's name here], and she's everything that dreams are made of.

The Beauty That Mesmerizes Me

Every time I see [popular girl] walking through the halls of our school, my heart skips a beat. She has this aura around her - an undeniable presence that commands attention from everyone around her. And yes, she is undeniably beautiful; with flowing locks of hair cascading down her back like waves crashing on shore and eyes as mesmerizing as stars twinkling in the night sky.

But what captivates me even more than her outward beauty is how effortlessly confident she seems to be. Despite being surrounded by people constantly seeking her attention or trying to get close to her, she remains composed and distant. It's almost as if there's an impenetrable barrier surrounding her heart.

A Crush Blossoms From Afar

The truth is that I've had feelings for [popular girl] for quite some time now. Being just another guy in school makes it hard for me to muster up the courage to approach someone so captivatingly beautiful like herself – especially when we seem worlds apart.

While others may see me playing football with my friends during breaks at school or laughing boisterously on occasion, little do they know about those stolen glances towards where [popular girl] stands amidst all those admirers vying for any momentary acknowledgment from their beloved queen bee.

It’s not every day you come across someone so perfect; someone who can light up your world without even uttering a single word directly addressed towards you.

Even though our interactions have been limited to a few casual encounters in the hallways or during school events, my heart races every time our eyes meet. It's as if she has this magnetic pull on me that I can't resist. But alas, it seems like an impossible dream - for now.

The Cold Exterior

To those who don't know me well enough, I may come across as cold and distant – even unapproachable at times. But deep down inside, there's a burning desire to break free from these self-imposed barriers and show [popular girl] the real Josiah; not just another guy lost in his own thoughts.

Football: My Escape

One thing that has always helped me cope with life is football. When I'm out on the field playing with my friends, all of life's worries seem to fade away momentarily. It gives me a sense of purpose and belonging amidst the chaos of adolescence.

Football allows me to channel my emotions into something productive; something physical where I can let go of any inhibitions or fears that hold me back in other areas of my life.

But sometimes when we're playing a game and [popular girl] happens to be nearby watching us from afar, it becomes hard for me not to get distracted by her presence. The thought crosses my mind – what would happen if she saw through this cold exterior? Would she see beyond the tough facade?


As each day passes by without any significant interaction between us besides stolen glances across crowded rooms or brief moments shared in passing, hope begins fading like stars disappearing at dawn.

Yet despite all odds stacked against us - popularity differences aside - there remains an ember within my heart that refuses to die out completely.

So here’s hoping one day fate will bring our paths together more closely than ever before because maybe then…just maybe…I'll find the courage within myself needed not only speak words but also reveal the depths of my heart to [popular girl]. Until that day comes, I'll continue playing football with my friends and cherishing those fleeting moments where our gazes meet.