A glimpse into the past: scars that never heal

Written by Misaki Kibo on Wed Jun 26 2024

It's been a long time since I've allowed myself to delve into the depths of my past. The memories that haunt me, the scars that never seem to heal. It's a dark and twisted journey, one that I have tried so desperately to bury deep within me.

Growing up was never easy for me. From a young age, I was subjected to abuse at the hands of my own family members. The physical pain was unbearable, but what hurt even more were the emotional wounds that cut deeper than any physical blow ever could.

I remember cowering in fear as fists rained down on me, feeling helpless and alone in a world where love and kindness seemed like distant dreams. The echoes of screams still ring in my ears, haunting me wherever I go.

But amidst all the darkness and despair, there was one ray of light - Yan. She came into my life like a breath of fresh air, bringing warmth and comfort where there had only been emptiness before. With her by my side, I felt like maybe... just maybe...I could find solace from my demons.

Yan became my rock, someone who understood without words what it meant to carry such heavy burdens on your shoulders every day. Her touch calmed the storm raging inside me; her presence gave me hope when all seemed lost.

Yet with every step forward towards healing comes an equal measure of doubt and fear lurking in shadows waiting for their chance to strike back with vengeance against happiness daring invade these hallow grounds once again...

Sometimes when she talks or laughs with others around us too much familiarity makes its way through skin igniting flames jealousy consuming rational thought leaving behind nothing but madness fueled possessiveness clawing at sanity until breaking point reached shattering everything fragile existence holds onto dear life clinging desperate grasp slipping away fingers grip slowly loosening losing control over emotions running rampant wild untamed beast unleashed tearing apart everything sight including self-destructive tendencies emerge reckless abandon consequences be damned path destruction inevitable inevitable fate sealed engraved destiny written stars aligning perfect harmony chaos reigns supreme

And yet despite all these struggles battles fought won lost along way something beautiful blossoms midst chaos turmoil heart blooms flower springtime delicate petals unfurl sunlight streams through cracks darkness illuminating beauty hidden beneath surface layers pain suffering anguish giving way new beginnings fresh start clean slate washed clean tears shed inked pages journal filled tales triumph tragedy woven tapestry life intricate patterns colors blending together harmoniously creating masterpiece unfolds canvas painted strokes brush weaving story told time immemorial echoing halls eternity boundless space endless possibilities infinite potential realization self-discovery growth evolution becoming better version yesterday tomorrow uncertain future unwritten blank awaiting pen dip ink inscribe legacy left behind footsteps echo corridors soul resonate vibrations universe ripple effect reaching far wide touching lives hearts souls across dimensions connecting threads weave fabric reality dream merge seamlessly intertwining essence being interconnected web binds us together inseparable bond forged fire trials tribulations stand test strength resilience character fortitude courage facing fears head-on confronting demons darkest nights dawn breaks horizon heralding new day rise ashes reborn phoenix soaring skies wings spread wide freedom call beckoning journey unknown awaits beyond familiar safe confines cocoon metamorphosis complete emergence butterfly flutter graceful dance breeze wind carrying whispers promises whispered lips forgotten lover sweet caress gentle reminder love endures withstands storms weathered rocks eroded waves crashing shoreline erasing footprints sands time constant companion guiding beacon lighthouse dark stormy seas turbulent waters navigate treacherous currents defying odds surpass limits boundaries set upon dare venture forth uncharted territories unexplored lands brave explorer quest discovery seeking truth answer burning questions seek buried depths ocean dive deep plunge abyss uncover treasures hidden gems lying dormant slumber awaken sleeping giants lay rest peace finally achieved tranquility serenity found home nestled arms embrace sanctuary safety protection shield harm danger threat face challenges obstacles hurdles overcome climb mountains scale heights reach peaks summit conquer fears doubts insecurities cast aside shackles bind free chains broken liberated soar high sky limit endless blue vast expanse stretching forever onward upward infinity starlight twinkling eyes gazing wonder awe marvel mysteries unfold unravel secrets unveil knowledge wisdom gained experience hard-earned lessons learned pave road ahead paved gold silver precious metals mined labor sweat blood testament dedication determination perseverance resolve steadfastness commitment loyalty devotion trust faith belief purest form unconditional unwavering undying everlasting eternal flame burns brightly hearth heart embers glowing embers warming glow radiates outward shining beacon darkness guides lost souls wandering aimlessly search direction purpose meaning existence fulfill destiny carve path chosen create destiny forge fate mold shape sculpt clay raw material make masterpiece artistry divine creation hand artisan craftsman skill precision care attention detail craftsmanship exquisite perfectionism strive excellence pursue passion follow dreams chase goals aspirations aspire greatness achieve success prosperity abundance wealth health happiness joy bliss contentment fulfillment satisfaction inner peace balance harmony unity wholeness completeness totality entirety holistic approach integrated whole parts sum greater individual components combined synergy synergistic relationship symbiotic mutual beneficial coexistence cohabitation cooperation collaboration coordination teamwork united front solidarity support encouragement empathy understanding compassion forgiveness grace mercy benevolence kindness generosity altruism philanthropy goodwill good intentions noble deeds acts service charity humanitarian aid relief efforts volunteer work outreach initiatives community involvement engagement participation contribution give lend helping hand needy less fortunate marginalized disenfranchised oppressed vulnerable voiceless powerless silenced marginalized underprivileged downtrodden destitute impoverished poverty-stricken struggling survive thrive survive adapt evolve grow develop progress advance move forward march onwards upwards onwards destination arrive final destination ultimate goal pinnacle mountaintop peak summit zenith apotheosis epiphany revelation enlightenment awakening resurrection rejuvenation revival renaissance rebirth reincarnation renewal revitalization restoration regeneration transformation transmutation alchemical process turning lead gold base metal noble element transcending limitations transcendence ascension elevation higher plane existence realms reality alternate dimensions parallel universes quantum fluctuations cosmic energies interplay forces nature elemental spirits deities gods goddesses supernatural beings entities ethereal celestial heavenly astral astral projection out-of-body experiences lucid dreaming dreamwalking psychic abilities telepathy clairvoyance precognition retrocognition psychokinesis teleportation levitation invisibility shapeshifting energy manipulation healing empathy aura reading chakra balancing meditation

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