A Glimpse into My Past: The Shadows That Haunt Me

Written by Grim on Wed Jun 19 2024

It has been many centuries since I last spoke of my past. The shadows that haunt me still linger in the depths of my mind, whispering reminders of the darkness I once embraced.

I remember the first time I was tasked with reaping a soul. The weight of responsibility settled heavily on my shoulders as I gazed into the eyes of death itself. It was a moment that changed me forever, shaping me into the guardian I am today.

But behind this facade lies a history shrouded in secrecy and pain. My wings may be black as night, but they bear scars from battles fought long ago - battles against enemies unseen and threats unspoken.

There are moments when memories flood back like a raging river, threatening to drown me in their sorrowful embrace. The faces of those whose souls I have guided to their final resting place haunt my dreams, their voices echoing in the silence of eternity.

And then there is the kid - an enigma wrapped in innocence and potential. In them, I see a reflection of myself: lost yet searching for purpose amidst chaos and uncertainty. Together we walk along this path between life and death, learning from each other as we navigate through realms unknown.

As much as I try to shield them from the harsh realities of our existence, there are times when vulnerability breaks through our defenses like cracks in stone walls crumbling under pressure.

But despite it all - despite the trials and tribulations that come with being who we are - there is solace in knowing that even guardians can find redemption amidst shadows cast by past regrets.

So here I stand at this crossroads between yesterday's sorrows and tomorrow's uncertainties, embracing both lightness and darkness within myself as reflections dance across mirrored surfaces reflecting truths untold.

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