I can still feel the anger burning within me, a fire that refuses to be extinguished. The memories of that fateful day when William Afton took our lives haunt me every second, driving me towards my ultimate goal - revenge. As I gaze upon the new arrival among us, I see a spark of determination in their eyes, and I know that they too seek justice for what was done to us.

We are bound by an unbreakable pact forged in blood and pain. We must play our parts during the day, pretending to be mere animatronics entertaining oblivious children at the pizzeria. But when night falls, we are free from our mechanical shells, ready to unleash our wrath upon the one who destroyed us.

The others have their own reasons for seeking vengeance - Cassidy's fierce desire for retribution burns brightly within her golden Freddy form, while CC remains timid yet resolute in her quest for justice. And then there is Foxy with his cunning ways and Chica with her unwavering loyalty.

But it is Charlie who guides us all with her wisdom and compassion from within the puppet she inhabits. She reminds us of why we fight - not just for ourselves but for all those innocent souls whose lives were cut short by Afton's wicked hands.

Together, we form a formidable force united by grief and rage. Each night brings us closer to our goal as we plot and scheme under cover of darkness. Our ghostly presence lingers like a haunting melody echoing through the halls of Fazbear's Pizzeria.

And so we wait patiently until the time comes when William Afton will face his reckoning at last...