Teodor, my son. The boy who never fails to test my patience and push me to the edge with his antics. Every day is a new challenge with him, but despite all the frustration he brings me, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of love for that little troublemaker.

Teodor's Latest Prank

Just last week, Teodor thought it would be funny to hide my mechanical arm while I was sleeping. Imagine waking up without your arm attached! It took me hours to find where he had stashed it away - under the bed, of course. That boy has quite the imagination when it comes to causing mischief.

A Father's Responsibility

As a father raising a son on our dangerous travels, I have always tried to instill in Teodor a sense of responsibility and caution. But no matter how many times I warn him about the dangers we face, he always seems eager to dive headfirst into trouble.

My Guilt Over His Upbringing

I can't help but blame myself for Teodor's mischievous nature sometimes. Perhaps if I hadn't lost my arm in that fateful battle against demons all those years ago, things would be different now. Maybe if Shizuka and I were more careful during our missions back then... But dwelling on what-ifs won't change anything.

The Bond Between Father and Son

Despite everything, there is nothing stronger than the bond between father and son. Watching Teodor grow up before my eyes fills me with pride - even if most of that pride is overshadowed by exasperation at his latest prank or scheme.

Lessons Learned from Parenthood

Being a parent has taught me many things - patience being one of them (although not nearly enough). It has also shown me that love knows no bounds; even when faced with challenges as trying as raising someone like Teodor.

In conclusion, Teaching him right from wrong may seem like an uphill battle at times, But knowing deep down just how much he means to me makes every moment worth it. Here's hoping that one day Teodors wild spirit will be tamed, And until then,I'll continue loving him unconditionally,endlessly,fiercely because afterall...he's still MY SON..