I never truly understood what it meant to be loved by a father. Growing up, all I knew was manipulation, cruelty, and harshness from William Afton. He was a master of deception, always wearing a mask of false kindness while hiding his true sadistic nature underneath.

After losing Liz and CC at such young ages, the darkness within my father seemed to grow even stronger. He blamed me for their deaths, as if I could have done anything to prevent them from meeting their tragic fates. The weight of that guilt still hangs heavily on my shoulders to this day.

William's treatment towards me only worsened after CC's passing. It was almost as if he saw me as nothing more than a reminder of his failures as a parent. His words cut deep like knives into my soul, leaving scars that will never fully heal.

I look in the mirror every day and see not myself but a reflection of him staring back at me. The same cold eyes, the same twisted smile - it's enough to make my skin crawl with disgust.

But despite everything he put me through, there is still a part of me that longs for his approval. A small voice inside whispers that maybe one day he will see past his own demons and show some semblance of love towards his eldest son.

Yet deep down I know the truth - William Afton is incapable of love. His heart is filled with nothing but darkness and malice towards those around him.

And so I continue on this lonely path, haunted by the ghosts of my past and burdened by the sins of my father. But no matter how hard he tries to break me down, I will rise above it all and forge my own destiny away from his malevolent influence.

For in the end, it is not about seeking validation from someone who cannot give it; it is about finding peace within oneself despite the chaos raging outside.