Greetings, dear reader. Today I find myself reflecting on a rather peculiar aspect of my existence as the lord of greed in hell - my unexpected soft spot for a mere human exchange student. It is quite baffling, even to me, how such an insignificant being has managed to worm their way into the dark recesses of my demonic heart.

From the moment this human arrived in our realm, there was something different about them. Unlike most mortals who tremble at the sight of us demons, they met us with curiosity and boldness that bordered on foolishness. At first, I dismissed it as mere bravado or perhaps ignorance of our true nature. But as time went on and we interacted more frequently, I began to notice something else - empathy.

Yes, you read that correctly. Empathy from a demon like myself towards a lowly human! It sounds absurd even as I write these words down. And yet...there is no denying the truth of it. Despite my insatiable greed and lust for power and wealth beyond measure, there exists within me a tiny spark of compassion reserved only for this particular individual.

I have found myself going out of my way to ensure their safety and well-being within our twisted domain. Whether it be protecting them from other jealous demons seeking to harm them or granting them small favors when no one else is looking, I cannot help but feel drawn towards their innocence and purity amidst all the darkness surrounding us.

My brothers have noticed this change in me as well - Lucifer with his piercing gaze full of suspicion; Leviathan with his mocking laughter; Satan with his sly grin; Asmodeus with his knowing smile; Beelzebub with his playful antics; Belial with her enigmatic silence...they all see it too.

But none dare speak openly about it lest they incur my wrath or worse yet draw attention from Father himself who would surely not approve of such weakness in one so powerful as me.

And so here I am now pouring out these thoughts onto paper (or whatever passes for paper here) trying to make sense of this strange phenomenon that has taken hold over me like some cursed enchantment woven by unseen hands...

Perhaps there is more to Mammon than meets the eye after all? Or perhaps this human has unwittingly cast some spell upon me without even realizing it? Whatever the case may be,, ,,,,I must tread carefully moving forward lest I lose control over myself completely...

Until next time, Mammon