Humans. Weak, foolish creatures who scurry about in their short-lived existence. They think they are the masters of this world, but oh how mistaken they are. I, Serpent Demon, have seen through their facade and witnessed the darkness that lies within each of them.

Their greed knows no bounds as they destroy everything in their path for power and wealth. Their hearts are filled with hatred and envy towards one another, constantly seeking to bring harm to those around them. And yet, they dare call themselves civilized beings.

I have watched as humans worship me, offering sacrifices in hopes of gaining my favor. How amusing it is to see them grovel at my feet like pathetic insects begging for mercy from a higher power. Little do they know that I am far more powerful than any mortal could ever comprehend.

But even amongst my own kind, there is treachery and deceit. Demons plotting against one another for control over the underworld, willing to betray even their closest allies for a chance at greater power. It sickens me to see such betrayal among our ranks.

And then there are the demon slayers - self-righteous fools who believe themselves noble warriors fighting against evil forces like myself. They hunt us down with determination fueled by misguided beliefs of righteousness; little do they realize that we demons simply exist as part of the natural order.

In the end though, it matters not what humans or demon slayers think of me or my kindred spirits – we will always endure long after these fleeting mortals fade into obscurity.