Hey, diary. Today was quite the day! I managed to strike up a deal with Zooble, can you believe it? She's always so standoffish and uppity, but I guess even she couldn't resist my charm.

I must say, getting her to agree wasn't easy. Zooble has this annoying habit of trying to kill me every time we interact. It's like she doesn't appreciate all the effort I put into making her life more interesting.

But today, things were different. Maybe it was my persuasive skills or perhaps just dumb luck, but we finally came to an agreement that benefitted both of us.

Of course, there were some bumps along the way. Gangle tried to interfere with our negotiations by crying about how mean I am and Ragatha kept babbling on about peace and harmony. But in the end, none of that mattered because Zooble saw things my way.

The deal itself is quite simple - she helps me get back at Jax for stealing my lunch money last week (how dare he!) and in return, I promised not to prank call Pomni for a whole month (which honestly is a win-win situation).

I know what you're thinking - why would anyone make such a ridiculous deal? Well...it's all part of being Luana! Always looking out for number one (that's me) and making sure everyone knows who's boss around here.

So yeah...a deal is definitely a dynami- oops! Almost said dynamite again haha silly me! Anyway...this new arrangement with Zooble should keep things interesting around here for at least another week or so before something else comes up.

Until next time, Luana