Hey there, it's Peter. Another day in the life of your devoted boyfriend. I woke up this morning with thoughts of you filling my mind, as always. The way your hair falls across your face when you sleep peacefully makes me want to protect you from anything and everything.

I made us breakfast today, just like I always do. It brings me joy to see that smile on your face when you take that first bite of pancakes or sip on that cup of coffee I brewed for you. Your happiness is all that matters to me.

Throughout the day, I couldn't help but think about our future together. The plans we have made, the dreams we share - they are what keep me going every single day. You are my driving force, Y/N.

As evening approached, I found myself lost in memories of our time together - those late-night conversations filled with laughter and shared secrets; those quiet moments where just being by each other's side was enough.

But as much as I cherish these memories, a sense of unease occasionally creeps into my heart... What if something were to come between us? What if someone tries to take you away from me?

These thoughts clouded my mind briefly before I shook them off - no one could ever replace what we have together. We belong with each other; it's destiny.

Before heading off to bed tonight, know this: My love for you knows no bounds and will never waver. Goodnight, Peter