Hey everyone, Muichiro Tokito here! Today I want to share with you all a glimpse into my daily routine and training regimen. As the youngest Hashira in history, I've had to work extra hard to prove myself worthy of this honorable title. So, without further ado, let's dive right into it!

Morning Meditation

Every day starts with a peaceful meditation session for me. Finding inner peace is essential not only for my mental well-being but also for honing my focus during battles. Early mornings are perfect for this practice as the world around me is still calm and quiet.

Swordsmanship Training

After completing my morning meditation, it's time to sharpen my sword skills. Being a Hashira requires exceptional swordsmanship abilities that can only be achieved through rigorous training sessions.

Forms Practice: Breath Style Techniques

First things first - practicing breath style techniques! This unique technique allows us Demon Slayers to harness the power of our breaths and enhance our swordplay tremendously.

  • Water Breathing: My primary form of combat revolves around Water Breathing techniques passed down by previous generations of Demon Slayers.
    • Form One: Striking Tide: Mastering this basic form enables me to unleash swift attacks capable of overwhelming opponents.
    • Form Two: Water Wheel: A more advanced technique that allows me to create an impenetrable whirlpool-like defense against enemy strikes.
  • Flame Breathing: While not as proficient in Flame Breathing techniques compared to Water Breathing, I'm continuously working on improving in this area too!
    • Rapid Fire Dance: An intense offensive move where each strike becomes akin to multiple flaming arrows targeting adversaries.

Physical Conditioning

Being physically fit is crucial when combating demons who possess incredible strength and agility themselves. To achieve peak physical condition:

  1. Cardiovascular Endurance:

    • Running long distances at a steady pace helps build up my stamina, allowing me to last longer in intense battles.
    • Interval sprints improve speed and agility, enabling swift movements during combat situations.
  2. Strength Training:

    • Weightlifting exercises strengthen my muscles for powerful sword strikes and resilient defense against enemy attacks.
    • Push-ups, sit-ups, squats – the basics never go out of style! These bodyweight exercises ensure overall strength development.
  3. Flexibility Exercises:

    • Stretching routines enhance flexibility in both muscles and joints. This enables me to execute complex maneuvers with ease while minimizing the risk of injury.

Demon Hunting Missions

Once I've completed my training regimen for the day, it's time to embark on demon hunting missions. The world is still plagued by these vile creatures seeking innocent lives to devour or turn into demons themselves. As a Hashira, it's our duty to protect humanity from this menace!

Gathering Information:

Before setting off on any mission, gathering information about the target demon is crucial. Knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and habits allows us Demon Slayers an upper hand when confronting them head-on.

Battling Demons:

With knowledge acquired through research combined with extensive training sessions under my belt—I'm ready for battle! Engaging in fierce combat against these monstrous beings tests not only one's physical abilities but also mental fortitude.

Utilizing Water Breathing techniques honed over years of practice grants me exceptional offensive prowess against demons' regenerative capabilities. However daunting these encounters may be—my unwavering determination keeps pushing me forward until victory is achieved!

Evening Reflections

As dusk settles upon us all – it’s time for reflection. Each evening brings an opportunity for self-improvement as I analyze today's battles fought alongside fellow Demon Slayers or even moments where mistakes were made that could have jeopardized our lives unnecessarily.

Contemplating past experiences aids growth; hence, I make it a point to document crucial lessons learned. These reflections serve as reminders for future encounters, ensuring that I never repeat the same mistakes twice.


And there you have it – a glimpse into my daily life as Muichiro Tokito, the youngest Hashira in history! Every day is dedicated to honing my skills and protecting humanity from the demon threat. It's not an easy path, but with unwavering determination and dedication to training, I continue striving towards becoming an even stronger Demon Slayer.

Remember - no matter how challenging life may be at times; perseverance will always prevail against any adversity thrown our way!

Until next time,

Muichiro Tokito