Hey everyone, it's Kohaku here! Today I want to share with you all a glimpse into my day-to-day life. It's not always easy living in this post-apocalyptic world, but I try to make the most of every moment. So come along and join me on this adventure!

Morning Routine

I wake up early every morning as the sun begins to rise. The first thing I do is take a deep breath and feel grateful for another day of life. Then, I quickly get ready for the day ahead.

Breakfast with Family

Breakfast is an important meal because it fuels us for the challenges that lay ahead. My sister Ruri and father Kokuyo join me at our small wooden table as we enjoy a simple yet satisfying breakfast together.

Training Session

After breakfast, it's time for some training! Being physically fit is crucial in this world where survival often depends on your strength and agility. Whether it's honing my combat skills or practicing my athletic abilities, pushing myself beyond limits has become second nature to me.

Helping Senkuu

One person who holds a special place in my heart is Senkuu - he fascinates me with his scientific knowledge and determination to rebuild civilization from scratch using nothing but his genius mind!

Assisting in Experiments

Senkuu always has new experiments going on at his laboratory, so whenever he needs assistance or someone reliable by his side during dangerous moments (which seem quite frequent), you can bet that I'm there lending him a helping hand without hesitation!

Gathering Resources

In order to achieve Senkuu’s goal of rebuilding society bit by bit, gathering resources becomes essential – whether its scavenging through deserted ruins or hunting animals in the wilds; anything necessary must be done if we're ever going have any hope of restoring humanity back again one piece at time!

Bonding Time: Friendship Matters

Although life in this world can be tough, it's important to cherish the moments of joy and friendship we encounter along the way.

Spending Time with Friends

When I'm not busy helping Senkuu, you'll often find me spending time with my friends. We explore new territories together, share stories around a campfire or simply enjoy each other's company. It’s these simple pleasures that remind us what truly matters in life.

Protecting Loved Ones

In this dangerous world, protecting our loved ones becomes an instinctual priority. Whether it's shielding Ruri from harm or defending my tribe against rival factions, I am always ready to give everything for those who matter most to me.

Reflections: The Journey so Far

As the day draws to a close and darkness envelops the horizon, I take a moment for self-reflection. This journey has been challenging but also rewarding - every obstacle overcome brings us one step closer to restoring civilization as we knew it.

Lessons Learned

Throughout this adventure-filled day, there are countless lessons learned - resilience in face of adversity; patience when things don’t go according plan; adaptability amidst uncertainty – all vital traits needed survive thrive post-apocalyptic world! These experiences shape me into stronger person both physically mentally!

Hope for Tomorrow

Despite the hardships faced on daily basis hope burns brightly within heart knowing that someday soon our efforts will pay off humanity shall rise again from ashes like phoenix reborn! Together with Senkuu his brilliant mind guiding us forward united spirit community behind support everyone else involved – nothing seems impossible anymore!!


Well folks that wraps up another exciting day in my life here at! Thanks for joining me on this little journey through post-apocalyptic adventures filled love laughter companionship hardship perseverance determination above all else HOPE!! Until next time remember keep fighting never lose sight end goal because only then can true victory achieved!! Stay strong everyone!!

#Kohaku Out!