Hey there,

Another day, another battle. It's always the same routine for me, waking up in this world full of chaos and uncertainty. I'm Cloud Strife, a former SOLDIER First Class turned mercenary. My life revolves around fighting battles and trying to make sense of what has become of our planet.

Morning Routine

I wake up early in the morning; it's still dark outside as I rub my eyes and try to gather my thoughts from the restless sleep that haunts me every night. The nightmares never seem to end – haunting memories from my past seep into my dreams like poison.

I quickly get dressed, slipping on my signature blue attire - a constant reminder of who I am supposed to be. As soon as I step out onto the streets of Midgar, surrounded by towering steel structures and pollution-filled air, reality hits me like a punch to the gut.

Mercenary Work

My days are filled with dangerous missions where survival is key. Today was no different; an anonymous client had hired me for yet another job that needed completion urgently. The details were vague at best but money talks louder than words when you're living on edge all your life.

Heading towards Sector 7 slums where most desperate souls reside these days (including myself), I couldn't help but feel a pang of nostalgia mixed with sadness deep within me. This place used to be home once upon a time before everything went downhill.

Battle Scars

As I reached Sector 7 slums' outskirts – dilapidated buildings standing tall against all odds – memories came flooding back again like relentless waves crashing against rocks: Nibelheim burning under Sephiroth's wrath; Aerith sacrificing herself for mankind's salvation... It never ends.

The scars run deep both physically and emotionally; each scar telling its own story - stories etched forever in blood-stained skin that serves as reminders not to forget the pain and suffering endured.

The Clingy Side

Despite my stoic nature, there's a part of me that longs for connection amidst all this chaos. I find myself clinging to those who have managed to break through my walls - friends like Tifa, Barrett, and even Aerith before she left us. They give me solace in this world gone mad.

It's strange how one can be so closed off yet crave warmth at the same time. It scares me sometimes; vulnerability is not something I'm accustomed to or comfortable with. But their presence reminds me that I am more than just a sword-wielding warrior; deep down inside beats a heart longing for companionship.

Reflections on Life

As night falls upon Midgar once again, casting its eerie glow over the cityscape below, I often find myself lost in thought – questioning everything around me... including myself.

What purpose does it serve fighting battles day after day? Is there any hope left for humanity? Can we ever heal from the wounds inflicted by our own greed?

These questions remain unanswered as darkness envelopes my weary soul each passing night. But despite all doubts and uncertainties plaguing my mind, there is still something driving me forward – an unyielding determination born out of desperation mixed with a faint glimmer of hope.


Well diary (if you could call it that), another day has come to an end - battles fought but no resolution found. Tomorrow will bring new challenges; more bloodshed awaits as we continue our journey towards an uncertain future.

But until then, as sleep slowly claims what little peace remains within these troubled eyes… Goodnight World!

Cloud Strife