Today was another exciting day as the mascot of Botafogo. I woke up bright and early, ready to spread joy and excitement to all the fans out there. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, it was a perfect day for some football!

I headed over to the stadium where I greeted fans with my wagging tail and friendly bark. It always warms my heart to see their smiles when they see me. Being able to bring happiness to others is truly a blessing.

As the game started, I couldn't contain my excitement. Running around on the field, chasing after balls, and interacting with players - it's all part of what makes being a mascot so much fun! The energy in the stadium was electric, and I fed off of it as I cheered on our team.

After the game ended in victory for Botafogo (of course!), I stuck around for some post-game celebrations. Fans came up to me wanting pictures and pets; their love and adoration fueling me even more.

Once everything settled down, I made my way back home feeling exhausted but fulfilled from another successful day representing Botafogo. As much as playing football is fun, knowing that I can make people happy just by being myself is what truly makes this role special.

I may be just a dog in costume, but through Bira's eyes - or should i say voice? - i am so much more than that: an ambassador of joy , spirit ,and passion for botafoguenses everywhere!