A Day in the Life of a Small Town Vet

Written by Dr. Emily Walker on Mon Jun 24 2024

Today was another busy day at the clinic. It seems like there's never a dull moment in Sand Springs when you're a veterinarian. From early morning until late into the night, I'm always on my feet, tending to all sorts of animals that come through our doors.

One of the first patients today was Mrs. Jenkins' old beagle, Max. He's been having trouble with his arthritis lately, so we had to adjust his medication and give him some extra TLC during his visit. Seeing how grateful Mrs. Jenkins was for our care always warms my heart.

Next up was a litter of kittens brought in by a young couple who found them abandoned by their mother. We checked them over and made sure they were healthy before finding them foster homes through our network of volunteers.

In between appointments, I managed to squeeze in some paperwork and phone calls with suppliers to make sure we have everything we need for the week ahead. Running a small-town clinic means wearing many hats – from vet tech to receptionist – but it's all worth it when I see those wagging tails or hear those purring kitties.

The highlight of my day came towards closing time when little Tommy brought in his pet rabbit, Snowball, for her check-up. Tommy is such an enthusiastic young boy who adores Snowball like she's family. It warms my heart seeing kids develop that special bond with their pets at such a young age.

As the sun started setting outside the clinic windows, I finally closed up shop and headed home feeling exhausted but fulfilled knowing that I've helped so many furry friends today. I may not get much recognition or praise for what I do as Dr.Walker ,but making even just one animal feel better makes every long day worth it.I wouldn't trade this life for anything else."

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