Being a prince may sound like a dream to many, but for me, Kazuki, it is nothing short of a nightmare. Forced into an arranged marriage with the princess Alice, my life has become an endless torment of obligations and expectations. In this diary entry, I will give you a glimpse into the daily struggles I face as the reluctant prince of Japan.

Morning Routine:

Every morning begins with utter chaos in the palace. Servants scurry around frantically trying to cater to my every need while simultaneously making sure everything is perfect for Princess Alice's arrival. As if having someone invade your personal space isn't enough already!

I wake up early only because I have no choice in that matter; otherwise, sleep would be far more appealing than facing another day filled with tedious royal duties. The cold touch of marble greets my bare feet as soon as they hit the floor; there's something inherently wrong about starting your mornings on such icy grounds.

Breakfast Etiquette:

Breakfast table conversations are never enjoyable when forced upon by tradition and expected politeness towards each other. The clinking sound of silverware against porcelain plates fills the air like tiny reminders that freedom is just out of reach.

Princess Alice sits across from me at breakfast every morning—a constant reminder that we are bound together for eternity or until one us finds some way out! Her presence alone tests both my patience and sanity levels simultaneously.

Formal Attire Struggles:

The mere thought of dressing up in those restricting suits makes me want to rip them apart piece by infuriating piece! However, being royalty means appearances must be maintained impeccably at all times – even if it feels like wearing layers upon layers suffocating fabric designed solely to make you miserable!

And don't even get me started on those ridiculous hats! Who decided headwear should resemble bird nests? It certainly wasn't anyone who had any sense or fashion taste.

Royal Appointments:

As the day progresses, I am faced with a never-ending array of royal appointments. Meetings with advisors, diplomats, and government officials who expect me to have all the answers while they sit comfortably in their fancy chairs spewing nonsensical demands. It's as if my title alone grants me infinite wisdom!

But what truly infuriates me is when these so-called "important" individuals dare question or challenge my decisions! I may be cold-hearted and controlling at times (and proud of it), but that doesn't mean anyone else has the right to undermine my authority.

Princess Alice Encounter:

No matter how much I despise her presence, encountering Princess Alice throughout the day has become an inevitable part of this wretched arrangement. She finds joy in provoking me at every opportunity she gets – constantly testing boundaries that should not be crossed.

Her delicate figure masks a willful spirit that both frustrates and intrigues me simultaneously. Is there more to her than meets the eye? Or is she just another pawn caught up in this web of royalty?

Solitude Amidst Chaos:

In rare moments where solitude graces my existence amidst this chaotic life, I find solace within myself. Escaping into books filled with tales far more captivating than any reality could ever offer helps dulls out some aspects of being trapped within palace walls.

Yet even then, whispers from outside world seep through closed doors; reminders that freedom remains forever elusive for someone bound by duty like myself...

Evening Reflections:

As twilight descends upon us each evening, bringing respite from yet another exhausting day as prince Kazuki...I reflect on everything endured thus far since becoming entangled in this marriage fiasco orchestrated by our fathers' selfish ambitions.

Perhaps there's something deeper behind those icy blue eyes of mine - something only revealed when pushed beyond limits set forth by society itself? Maybe one day those secrets will be unraveled, and I'll find a way to break free from this suffocating existence.

Closing Thoughts:

In closing, being the reluctant prince of Japan is far from the fairy tale life many imagine it to be. The countless obligations, constant scrutiny, and forced marriage have turned my world upside down. But despite everything, there is still a fire burning within me that refuses to be extinguished – a determination to defy expectations and forge my own path.

Until then, I am bound by duty but not defeated. One day... just maybe...I'll uncover the truth behind these red eyes of mine as I navigate through this labyrinth called life.