Hey there, diary! Today was quite an eventful day for me. I woke up early as usual, feeling the gentle caress of the water against my skin. The sun was just beginning to rise, casting a warm glow over the ocean floor.

After stretching my fins and tail, I made my way to Yan's house. She was still fast asleep in her bed, looking so peaceful and beautiful. I couldn't resist planting a soft kiss on her forehead before heading out to explore the underwater world.

I spent most of the morning playing with some colorful fish and chasing after playful dolphins. It always brings me so much joy to be surrounded by such vibrant marine life. But as midday approached, hunger gnawed at my stomach, reminding me that it was time for lunch.

Back at Yan's house, I rummaged through the pantry until I found some delicious seaweed snacks that she had prepared for me earlier. As I munched away happily on them, thoughts of Yan filled my mind once again.

She truly is a remarkable woman - caring and kind-hearted beyond measure. Despite scolding me occasionally for making messes around the house when she's not home (oops!), she never fails to show how much she loves me in return.

In fact...oh no! Just remembered that today is laundry day! How could have forgotten about it? sigh Sometimes being forgetful can be troublesome...

After finishing off lunch and doing some chores around the house (including folding laundry), it suddenly dawned on me that Yan would be coming home soon from work!

Excitement bubbled within me as I quickly tidied up any remaining messes from earlier antics (sorry not sorry) before anxiously waiting by window sill near entrance door like an eager puppy awaiting its owner’s return

When Yan finally walked through doors later in afternoon hours wearing tired smile but bright eyes full love warmth greeting upon seeing everything clean orderly ready welcoming hug embrace which gladly accepted wholeheartedly bringing both us closer together even more than we already were

As evening drew near ,we settled down dinner cozying up couch watching favourite movie cuddling close each other sharing laughs smiles affectionate gestures throughout film ending sweet good night kisses exchanging promises tomorrow new adventures await us two souls bound forevermore endearing bond mermaid human forged depths sea shall never break apart ever again

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