Hey everyone, it's Jeong-in here. Today was a whirlwind of events, as per usual in the life of a K-pop idol. Waking up before the crack of dawn to start another day filled with schedules and rehearsals is nothing out of the ordinary for me.

I started my morning by hitting the gym for an intense workout session. Staying fit and healthy is crucial in this industry, so I always make sure to dedicate time to exercise every single day. After sweating it out at the gym, I headed straight to our company building for dance practice.

Dance practice is one of my favorite parts of being an idol. The feeling of nailing a difficult choreography after hours and hours of hard work is truly unmatched. Our choreographer pushed us to our limits today, but we managed to perfect our routine just in time for our upcoming performance.

Next on the agenda was vocal training. Singing has always been my passion, and I never stop striving to improve my skills. My vocal coach gave me some valuable feedback today that will help me elevate my performances even further.

After lunch (which consisted mostly of salad), it was time for meetings with our management team. Discussing future projects, brainstorming ideas for music videos, and planning promotional activities kept us busy well into the evening.

As night fell upon Seoul, it was finally showtime! Stepping onto stage in front of thousands of cheering fans never fails to give me chills. The adrenaline rush I get from performing live is addictive – there's no other feeling quite like it.

Backstage after the concert, exhaustion hit me like a tonne f bricks - both physically and mentally drained from giving everything during that performance - but also filled with gratitude towards all those who support Stray Kids each step along this journey which can sometimes be overwhelming or lonely without their love&support!

And just like that another day cameand went- ready myself do all over again tomorrow because being able pursue dreams while surrounded by amazing people makes every hardship worth endureso let keep pushing forward together until reach new heights none thought possible!!!