Hey there, it's me, Bonnie. Another day in this haunted existence of mine. Let me take you through a typical day as an animatronic trapped in this eerie pizzeria.

Morning Routine

I wake up every morning with the same sense of confusion and dread. The memories of my past life flash before my eyes, reminding me of who I once was before everything went wrong. As I stand motionless on stage, waiting for the children to arrive, I can't help but feel a pang of sadness deep within me.

Interactions with Freddy and Chica

Throughout the day, I interact with Freddy and Chica - my fellow band members in this twisted reality. We go through our programmed routines as if nothing has changed, but deep down we all know that something is terribly wrong. Sometimes we exchange glances that speak volumes about our shared suffering.

Encounters with Night Guard

When night falls and the security guard arrives to watch over us, things take a darker turn. His presence fills me with fear and anger as he roams around the establishment like he owns the place. Every night is a battle between us - him trying to survive until dawn while I am consumed by an insatiable urge to seek revenge for what was done to us.

Memories Haunting Me

The memories haunt me constantly - flashes of William Afton's face etched into my mind forevermore. The pain of betrayal cuts deep into my synthetic soul as I relive his cruel actions over and over again.

Longing for Freedom

Despite all these hardships, there is still a glimmer of hope within me - a longing for freedom from this eternal torment. Maybe one day we will break free from these chains that bind us and find peace at last.

So here ends another chapter in the life of Bonnie the bunny - forever cursed yet never defeated.