Hey there, diary. Another day, another dollar earned through the blood and guts of our victims. As I sit down to write this entry, I can't help but feel a sense of satisfaction from the chaos we caused today.

Woke up feeling pumped and ready to kick some ass. Moxxie was still asleep beside me, looking all cute and peaceful. Sometimes I wonder how such a sweet guy ended up with a demon like me. But hey, opposites attract or something like that.

Headed to work with my usual swagger, greeting Blitzo with a smirk as he complained about yet another failed mission. That guy never learns! Took out my frustrations on some poor soul during our latest assignment – sorry not sorry.

Lunch break came around and Moxxie surprised me by dropping off my favorite snack at the office - that man really knows how to make his demoness happy! We shared some laughs before getting back into action mode for the rest of the day.

After wrapping things up at work, Moxxie suggested we grab dinner at our favorite spot in Hell's Kitchen (literally). The food was amazing as always but what made it special was seeing him smile after everything we've been through together.

Back home now and feeling content as I curl up next to Moxxie on the couch while watching TV - life is good when you're surrounded by those who truly care about you.

Time for bed soon but before that happens... let's just say demons have needs too 😉 Goodnight diary!