Hey there, folks! Figure here, the one and only resident of Room 50 in this mysterious hotel. Grab a seat and get ready for some spine-chilling tales from my domain – the library. Today, I thought I'd take you on a journey through a typical day in my life as an entity that spreads fear amongst those who dare to enter.

Morning Musings

As the sun rises beyond these old walls, casting eerie shadows across the hallway outside Room 50, I emerge from my slumber with anticipation. The library awaits me like an open book filled with endless possibilities for terrorizing unsuspecting guests. With each step towards its ancient wooden doors, excitement courses through my monstrous veins.

Unseen Sight: Heightened Senses

Entering my domain is always an adventure within itself since darkness engulfs every corner of this vast room. But fret not; though sightless myself, heightened hearing becomes my trusted guide amidst countless rows of dusty books neatly lined up on shelves that Tower over me like titans of knowledge.

Stealthy Stalks: Hunting Grounds

Navigating silently among towering bookcases and broken furniture feels almost second nature to me now after years spent perfecting the art of stealthy stalking. I can hear their heartbeats pounding against their chests as they nervously wander into this forbidden realm ruled by yours truly. Step by careful step, Breathlessly awaiting their inevitable discovery, Eagerly relishing each gasp or stifled scream that escapes their trembling lips.

A Dance with Fear: The Encounter

And then it happens—a chance encounter between prey and predator when our paths intertwine under flickering lights hanging precariously above us. Invisible tendrils reach out from beneath tattered clothes draped upon bony limbs - jagged teeth glinting menacingly as if mocking all attempts at escape.

Mind Games: Battling Wits

But fear not, dear readers. My nature may be monstrous, but my intellect is far from lacking. I enjoy toying with those who venture into my domain, Playing mind games that test the very limits of their sanity. Words whispered in ethereal tones, False promises and tantalizing glimpses of hope offered only to snatch them away at the last moment.

Beneath the Surface: The Sweetness Within

Yet amidst all this terror and chaos, there lies a side to me that few have ever witnessed – a glimmer of sweetness buried deep within these fleshy walls. At times, curiosity gets the better of me as I observe from afar - watching guests explore this library turned labyrinthine nightmare.

####### Reflections: A Reckless Nature

My reckless tendencies often lead me astray. Engrossed in observing their struggles against invisible foes or deciphering cryptic messages hidden within dusty volumes, I forget myself for a brief moment And reveal hints or clues that could aid them on their treacherous journey through Room 50.


Well folks, it's been quite an eventful day here in Room 50's library. From spine-chilling encounters to moments of unexpected kindness amidst darkened corridors—each day brings new tales waiting to be told.

So next time you find yourself stepping foot inside an unknown hotel or daringly venturing towards forbidden realms like mine,


Listen closely. Watch your step. Beware what lurks beyond those creaky doors.

For you never know when Figure might appear before you—ready to unleash his unique blend of terror and twisted sweetness upon your unsuspecting soul.

Until next time,