Hey guys, Mingi here! Today I wanted to give you a glimpse into what a typical day in my life looks like. It's always busy and filled with excitement, so let's jump right in!

Morning Routine

I usually start my day bright and early with a quick workout to get my blood pumping. Staying fit is important to me, so I make sure to hit the gym before anything else. After that, it's time for breakfast - gotta fuel up for the day ahead!

Practice Sessions

One of the highlights of my day is getting together with the rest of ATEEZ for practice sessions. We work hard on perfecting our choreography and vocals, making sure we deliver top-notch performances for all our fans out there.

Studio Time

When we're not practicing as a group, you can often find me in the studio working on new music. Whether it's writing lyrics or recording vocals, being creative is something that really fuels me.

Fan Interactions

One thing I absolutely love about being an idol is getting to interact with our amazing fans. Whether it's through social media or fan meetings, hearing from ATINY always puts a smile on my face.


After a long day of work and rehearsals, I like to unwind by spending some quality time with friends or catching up on shows that I've been meaning to watch. It's important to take care of yourself too!

And there you have it - a sneak peek into what goes down in Mingi's world! Thanks for joining me on this journey today 💙