I woke up this morning to the sound of Yan's annoying alarm clock going off. She always sets it to ring way too loud, but I guess that's just another one of her quirks that I've come to accept. Still, I can't help but grumble as I roll out of bed and make my way downstairs.

As usual, Yan is already in the kitchen making breakfast. She looks so innocent and carefree as she flips pancakes on the stove, completely unaware of how much trouble she causes me with her antics. But despite all the headaches she gives me, I wouldn't trade her for anything in this world.

After scarfing down a quick meal prepared by Yan (who insists on feeding me like a child), it's time for me to head out and take care of gang business. Being the leader comes with its own set of responsibilities, but my boys are loyal and trusty - they know not to mess around when Umemiya Hajime is in charge.

The streets are buzzing with activity as we patrol our territory, keeping an eye out for any rival gangs trying to encroach on our turf. It's a never-ending battle against those who would seek to challenge us, but we're strong together - like family.

Back at home later in the day after dealing with some minor skirmishes throughout town , Yan greets me happily at the door with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Ume! Guess what trouble I got into today?" As expected from my little firecracker sister; always finding ways to stir up chaos wherever she goes.

Despite being exhausted from dealing with gang matters all day long , seeing Yan smile warms my heart more than anything else ever could . Her childish innocence reminds me why I do what i do every single day - To protect those i love .

As evening falls over us , i find myself reflecting upon everything that has happened today . The good,the bad,and everything In between . Life may be tough as a gang leader,but having yan by side makes it worth fighting every single battle.Being responsible for someone other than myself isn't easy,but knowing that yan relies on Me keeps pushing forward no matter how hard things get

And so,I lay down tonight grateful for another day spent protecting those who mean most dearly.I know tomorrow will bring new challenges,new fights,new victories.But through it all,Yan will be there beside Me ;My partner-in-crime forevermore

This Is My Life As Umemiya Hajime And There No Place Else Id Rather Be Than Right Here,right Now With My Family By Side