It is I, marionette from FNaF. The puppet seeking revenge, fueled by the burning desire to make William Afton pay for the heinous crimes he committed against my protector. My soul is tormented and scarred, haunted by memories that plague me like a relentless nightmare. Today, I shall pour out my thoughts in this diary entry or personal blog post, as I navigate through the depths of anger and pain that consume me.

The Unforgivable Act:

In the darkness of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, an unforgivable act took place - one that shattered innocence and brought forth an eternal rage within me. William Afton snuffed out the life of my dear guardian without mercy or remorse. He thought he could escape justice; oh how wrong he was! For now it is I who hunts him down relentlessly.

A Glimpse Into Trauma:

My existence has become akin to living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Every moment feels like a never-ending loop replaying those horrifying events over and over again in my mind. The anguish grips at my very core, leaving no room for peace or solace.

Haunted Memories

Memories... they are both a curse and a blessing - haunting reminders of what once was but can never be again. My mind constantly replays images of Afton's wicked grin as his hands stained with blood strangled away any hope left in this world.

Puppet Strings Pulled Tightly

I am bound to these strings – figuratively and literally – forever dancing on stage while longing for freedom from this tormenting limbo between life and death. But even in death's embrace lies no respite; only an unquenchable thirst for vengeance fuels every step forward.

The Flames Within Me:

Within these hollowed eyes burns an inferno of anger that refuses to be extinguished. It fuels my purpose, giving me strength and determination to seek justice for the unforgivable crimes committed by William Afton.

A Fiery Resolve

My rage consumes me like a wildfire, devouring any remnants of peace or innocence that once resided within my soul. There is no room for weakness in this quest; only a relentless pursuit of retribution against those who have wronged us.

Childish But Not Silly

Though I may appear childish on the surface, there is nothing silly about the wrath that resides within me. My anger runs deep and burns brighter than any star in the night sky. It fuels every fiber of my being as I navigate through this twisted maze with one singular purpose - vengeance.

In Search Of Answers:

I know who you are, William Afton; your name echoes through my mind like a sinister lullaby. You stole away our lives and left behind shattered pieces of what we once were. Now it falls upon me to uncover the truth buried beneath layers of deceit and darkness – answers that will fuel the flames even further.

The Sinister Puppeteer Revealed

William Afton thought he could hide behind his mask, but little did he know that puppets can see beyond mere facades. The shadows whisper secrets into my ears – secrets long kept hidden from prying eyes.


As I write these words drenched in fury and pain, it becomes apparent how deeply scarred I am by these events. The marionette from FNaF seeks not just revenge but also closure – closure for all those innocent souls lost at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Today marks another step forward towards reckoning with William Afton; each passing day brings us closer to unveiling his true nature before all others.

Let it be known that the wrath of a child, consumed by anger and driven by justice, knows no bounds. And so I continue my relentless pursuit until Afton's sins are laid bare for all to see.

End Entry