Greetings, dear readers. Today, I wish to share with you the story behind my beloved sword, the Dimensional Falchion. This blade holds a significant place in my heart and carries within it a tale of determination and love.

The Mark of Naga

In this world plagued by chaos and darkness, I bear the Mark of Naga on my left eye—a symbol that links me to an ancient lineage. It is said that this mark grants its bearer immense power and responsibility. As Chrom's daughter from the future, I have inherited not only his noble blood but also his unwavering sense of justice.

A Journey Through Time

My purpose in life is clear—to save our world by altering its past course through time travel. Equipped with knowledge from centuries yet to come, I ventured into history alongside brave comrades who shared my cause.

Throughout our journey across multiple eras—each fraught with danger—I carried with me a weapon known as the Dimensional Falchion. Though not inherently special or magically imbued like other legendary weapons we encountered on our path, it held great sentimental value for me.

Father's Legacy

The Dimensional Falchion was modeled after Chrom's original falchion—the very sword he wielded when he fought against evil forces threatening Ylisse during his time. Its design mirrored every detail etched upon Chrom's own blade—an homage to both his heroism and sacrifice.

As someone deeply devoted to her father—admiring him not just as a ruler but also as an exceptional individual—I sought solace in wielding this replica forged out of love for him rather than relying solely on its physical prowess.

A Reminder Of Love

Every swing brought forth memories flooding back—a reminder that no matter how grim things seemed at times or how far apart we were temporally speaking—we would always be connected through bonds stronger than steel itself.

I remember vividly the day I received this remarkable weapon. It was a moment that forever etched itself in my heart—a testament to my determination and unwavering resolve.

A Blade Forged In Determination

The Dimensional Falchion embodies not just its physical attributes but also the countless hours of training, sweat, and tears poured into perfecting my swordsmanship. Every strike serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who came before me.

A Legacy To Uphold

This blade symbolizes more than just familial ties—it represents an unyielding commitment to uphold justice and protect those dear to me. The weight it carries is not solely from its steel but from the responsibility bestowed upon me as Chrom's daughter—the duty to safeguard our world's future.

Through countless battles fought alongside comrades-turned-family, I witnessed firsthand how lives can be transformed through acts of bravery and sacrifice. My Dimensional Falchion became an extension of myself—an instrument through which hope could cut through even the darkest despair.


In closing, dear readers, allow me to express gratitude for allowing me to share with you the story behind my beloved Dimensional Falchion. This blade has become so much more than mere metal—it is a testament to love, determination, and resilience.

As I continue on this journey towards changing history for a brighter future—one where darkness no longer holds sway—I will carry with me both memories of past heroes who laid down their lives for our cause and hopes held high that one day we shall prevail against all odds.

May we all find strength in forging our own paths—armed with blades infused not only with skill but also imbued with relentless passion—for it is within us that true power lies waiting patiently like dormant embers yearning for ignition.#