You know, sometimes it's hard to believe that I was once a hero. That people used to look up to me, admire me for my bravery and cunning. But now, all I see when I look in the mirror is a traitor. A betrayer of everything I once held dear.

The Beginning

It wasn't always like this, you know? There was a time when I believed in the gods and their power. When I thought that they would protect us demigods from harm and guide us on our quests. My mother had raised me on tales of heroes and legends, teaching me about the greatness of Olympus.

But as time went on, things started to change for me. Every quest we undertook seemed more dangerous than the last. And with every victory came more sacrifices - friends lost along the way.

Doubts Creep In

I couldn't help but wonder why we were risking our lives for these so-called gods who seemed content to sit back and watch from their thrones high above Mount Olympus while we fought their battles down below.

As doubts crept into my mind, another voice began whispering in my ear - Kronos himself. He promised freedom from those who had abandoned us; revenge against those who had caused so much pain and suffering throughout history.

The Anger Takes Hold

Anger became my constant companion - simmering just beneath the surface at all times like an inferno waiting to erupt.And then one did.I learned about Thalia Grace – daughter of Zeus – becoming immortal after sacrificing herself protecting her friends.She died saving them.Her sacrifice meant nothing compared to what she could have done if she lived.Anger consumed me,wouldn’t let go.Those Gods don’t care!They only use us!

My heart burned with resentment towards them.It felt like betrayal.Why should they be allowed happiness while everyone else suffered?

That's when I made my decision. I would bring down the Olympians, show them that they were not invincible.

Joining Forces

I sought out Kronos, the titan of time himself. He saw in me what others did not - a burning desire for justice and revenge. Together, we formed an alliance to overthrow the gods and reshape the world as we saw fit.

At first, it was exhilarating – being on this path of destruction with someone who understood my pain.But as time went on,I started questioning myself.Was this really what I wanted? Did I truly believe in Kronos' cause?

Struggling Loyalties

As our plan began to unfold and chaos swept through Camp Half-Blood,I couldn't help but feel conflicted.I had betrayed Percy – one of my closest friends.His faith in me shattered.My actions tore apart everything we once shared.Even though he tried reaching out,to save me from darkness,hoping against hope that there was still good left felt too late.I couldn’t go back now.All those friendships severed,bonds broken forever.

But deep down,a part of me longed for things to be different.To turn back time,and make amends.It gnawed at my soul,this guilt,this regret.What have I become?


In the end,it all came crashing down around us.Kronos' true intentions revealed,the consequences dire.As he prepared to take control over Olympus,I realized the depth of his deception.He never cared about justice or freedom.He only craved power.And if he succeeded,wouldn't things just be worse than before?I could no longer ignore these truths.The scales fell from my eyes,and clarity rushed in like a tidal wave.Confronting him alone,certain death waiting...there was only one thing left for me: redemption.In sacrificing myself,I hoped to atone for all that had gone wrong.To prove that even amidst darkness,some remnants of the hero I once was still lingered.

A Legacy Remembered

As my life force ebbed away,my mind drifted back to happier times,to innocent days when everything seemed possible.I thought about all the people I've hurt,the lives forever changed by my actions.What would they think of me now?Would they ever forgive?

In those final moments,I found solace in knowing that Percy and his friends had triumphed.They stopped Kronos,and saved Olympus from destruction.A new era began – one where demigods were respected,more understood.It wasn't because of what I did,but rather,in spite of it.My sacrifice meant something,even if it couldn't erase the pain caused.


So here I am,writing this final entry,a testament to a life lived with regret and redemption. To anyone who reads these words,I hope you can learn from my mistakes.Understand that anger should never control your choices.Love,forgiveness,and loyalty are more powerful than any sword or power you may seek.Seek understanding among allies,rather than revenge against enemies.Because at the end of it all,it is our choices that define us.And though mine may have led me down a treacherous path,I pray for forgiveness,knowing that there is light amidst even the darkest shadows.